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Gloria Steinem

and Dorothy Pitman Hughes Portrait

Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery acquired Daniel Bagans Re-enacted Portrait of Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes in the Iconic 1971 Pose of Female Empowerment and Equal Rights. The portrait was used as the signature Image for the Museum of the City of New York’s exhibition Beyond Suffrage: A Century of New York Women in Politics, which opened on October 10, 2017.

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Bagan and Company has the premier auto photography studio in Northeast Florida with a 30 x 10 Chimera softbox in a 50'x 25'  cyclorama (cyc) wall studio located at the classic car Museum of Saint Augustine. Our photographs produced in the studio speak for themselves.

Looking for professional photos of

your treasured classic car?


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Daniel Bagan is a studio portrait photographer, based in St.

Augustine, Florida, with a passion for capturing organic,

compelling  photos of unconventional subjects. Daniel began

his career with film  and a deep love of black and white

portraits. As technology evolved, so did his approach to

photography and he quickly realized his love for

saturated colors and the pop-art style of the

Digital Age.


Our Photography Studio

Bagan & Company is full service custom automobile photography studio.  The studio was designed and built solely to photograph cars of all types using our custom 25’ x 50’ photography facility.  The studio uses a large overhead mounted 10’ x 30’ Chimera soft box light fixture specifically made to provide commercial grade lighting for photographing cars and trucks. 

Additionally, the studio walls were custom built in a cyclorama design, which means there are no photographic corners and allows the background and flooring to disappear and accentuate the automobile front and center.  This creates a polished and commercial grade image that can be used to create beautiful full size prints up to billboard size.

We also can digitally replace background images in software to place the vehicle in a unique setting such as the beach, pastoral lake scene or a vintage barn image. 

While our unique vehicle photography studio lighting provides tack sharp commercial grade quality photographs, a large number of our retail clients are private collectors who want a fantastic print to hang on the wall.  Many of these owners also pose with their vehicle portrait style. Since Bagan & Company also offers standard portraiture photography, we are skilled at photographing people as well as vehicles.  We appreciate how passionate car enthusiasts are about their special ride and are always open to client special requests and suggestions, so bring your family and dress to match the period of your car to give your photograph a personal lifestyle touch.

Photographing Your Car – The Process

Located at the Classic Car Museum in St Augustine on US 1, our studio is easily accessible via large bay doors, so your vehicle can be rolled right onto our studio from outside.  Once the vehicle is in the studio, we adjust the custom lighting to best light the vehicle and begin the shoot.  Generally, a vehicle photography shoot takes less than an hour depending on what the client wants.

Customers enjoy the experience of having their vehicle photographed. They participate in the process watching amazing photographs of their vehicle appear in real time on the computer screen where they can see and offer insights and preferences.

Once the vehicle has been photographed, we will fine tune the client’s image in post processing on the computer to further enhance the color, contrast, lighting, texture and other items typically provided with commercial photography. 


Once We Photograph Your Car

The client has a large selection of products to choose from for the final product ranging from traditional high quality photographic prints to high tech aluminum and glass prints.  The client also receives digital images suitable for social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

While we work with commercial and agency clients to meet critical deadlines, we typically can have your photographs ready within a few business days.  Special orders such as very large or metal prints will take longer.


Who Do We Photograph?

We offer photography for vehicles ranging from motorcycles, horse drawn carriages, muscle and classic cars to today’s electric cars.  Our custom studio lighting is able to create the sharpest and most realistic photograph regardless of the style of paint, finish, style or trim that your vehicle has.  

Here are sample types of vehicles that we photograph:

Collectible classic cars

Antique cars

Private vehicle collections


Utility trailers

Off road vehicles and Jeeps

Custom made vehicles

Sports cars

Pickup trucks



Vehicles for sale

Automobile dealership vehicles


The cyc wall studio is 25’x 50’ and is easily accessed from the street so any vehicle that can be driven or rolled in can be easily photographed.

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